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Teller County C-3

20 acre Mineral Lode Claim located in the 3rd mining district of Teller County. SE corner section 12, T 12 S, R71W. This mineral lode claim is between Crystal Creek and Crystal Peak just north of Florissant in northwestern Teller County. Early settlers found amazonite, smoky quartz and topaz in alluvial gravels and traced them to in-situ pegmatite sources. The most popular collecting locale was Crystal Peak, also known as Crystal Butte, Topaz Butte, and Florissant Crystal Beds. Collectors have recovered numerous superb museum-grade specimens of amazonite, smoky quartz, and topaz in the Crystal Peak area. Crystal Peak pegmatites have yielded smoky quartz crystals weighing over 100 pounds, and one purported weigh 400 pounds. The National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian) has a elliptical, brilliant-cut smoky quartz from Crystal Peak weighing 785 carats. Today, Crystal Peak area is rural-reidential. Known pegmatites are privately owned or under claim by individuals and mineral clubs, unless you have a claim or mineral rights, permission to collect is required.

Location map Grub C-3

Smoky Quartz-Amazonite rock specimens found around Crystal peak area.

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