Soda Creek Placer No. 2  SOLD

20 acre placer claim
T.4S. R.73W. Sec.11

In their 1908 publication, Spurr and Garrey discuss soda creek on page 313.
"The uppermost old river terrace is to be seen on the south side of Clear Creek and extends...[through secs. 35 and 36, T.3S., R.73 W., and sec.31, T.3S., R.72W.] This terrace is cut through by both Soda and Chicago Creeks and is beveled by Clear Creek.... The gravels on this terrace...were formerly worked with very profitable results. In the southeast angle formed by the union of Soda Creek with Clear Creek, this terrace is underlain by a bench of bed rock which in few places reaches the surface, being usually covered with a river deposit averaging 40 feet in thickness. The lower 20 feet of this deposit consists of large rounded boulders, gravel, and sand; the upper portion is composed of finer gravels and silts capped by areal talus or silt having an average thickness of 6 feet."

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