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Grubstaker LLC offers research and claim staking services geared toward larger mining concerns. We have a very competent, experienced field crew to lay in the monuments. To insure accuracy, we do extensive land status and claim research. We provide complete claim staking services using GPS for accurate post locations We utilize the latest professional Geographic Information System (GIS) and Database Management software to facilitate map production and modeling.

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Grubstaker Services include:

a) Indentification of existing mining claim boundaries, encumbrances and easements.

b) Creation of a protective buffer zone for the patented claims by utilizing Federal mineral claims.

c) Address easement issues by utilizing the Federal guarantee of access that comes with a Federal mineral claim.

d) Inclusion of stray ore bodies discovered after the mineral patents were issued.

All research and fieldwork is fully guaranteed against encumbrances, adverse claims and workmanship.

Because the Public Survey system did not yet exist, many patented mining claim boundaries were laid out by the gold rushers and early miners themselves using triangulation stations. Locating them can be a puzzling task.

Grubstakerís mine service uses current Global Positioning System technology. Combining this with the latest in map software provides the accuracy that is so important.

Due to the specialized nature of mining claim regulations and configurations, we offer a professional research service geared primarily for surveyors and landsmen. We start by producing a computer generated re-creation of the original survey. We then enter this data into GPS units enabling us to identify (within a few feet) the claim's boundary. Whenever possible, the boundaries are then double checked using various traditional methods of land measurement.

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