1894 COLORADO (Shaded relief)

A recently re-discoverd map of Colorado has dazzled cartographers and Colorado historians alike. The map was found by accident last year by Peggy Ellis, who was visiting the Library of Congress while on vacation from her work with the United States Geological service.

Created in 1894 it offers a unique , accurate view of the Colorado's mining camps, towns, rivers and mountains. It also locates hundreds of communities that have long since vanished with the prairie winds ore under the smashing weight of countless winter storms high in the Rockies.

Geographically, everything is just about where it should be , said cartographer Kirk Volkel of the U.S. Geological Survey. It was in six pieces and considerable time was devoted in putting it together, removing seams digitally and redoing the artwork on fold lines. This map holds true and is very accurate compared to some of our newer products, added USGS marketimg specialist Gene Jackson.

A total of 1096 communities were located on this map, more than doubling the number of mining camps and ghost towns. The total surprised historian Stan Oliner, who recently retired from the Colorado Historical Society, and author Sandra Dallas, who has chroniceld 150 ghost towns and once estimated their total might be 400 to 500.

The USGS credit line carfully notes the map was drawn by Frank Pezolt, copyrighted by the Caxton Company in 1894 and published by James McConnell School Supplies of Denver Colorado.

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